RI DOT Shop and Field Inspection

RI DOT Shop Inspection and Testing Services for Structural Steel Materials, Field Inspection

Keville Enterprises, Inc. (Keville) is providing shop inspection and testing services for structural steel materials for the Rhode Island Department of Transportation. Under this task order contract, Keville provides shop inspection of the fabrication of structural steel, including welded plate girders, rolled beams with welded cover plates, diaphragms, stiffeners, connection and splice plates, expansion and bearing devices, and protective coatings. Keville ensures compliance with AWS-CWI, NACE, ANST, AASHOTO and RI DOT requirements. Our services include the inspection and review of:

Mill Test Reports

-Cutting and Straightening of Material

-Splices, Joints & Connections

-Shop Assemblies



-Ultrasonic Testing of Butt Welds

-Radiographic Testing of Butt Welds

-Magnetic Particle Testing of Fillet Welds

In addition, Keville also provides field inspection services to RI DOT during the construction phases of its projects, helping to ensure the quality of the construction and conformance with the plans and specifications.