RITBA On Call RE & Inspection

Since 2010, Keville Enterprises, Inc. (Keville) Keville has been providing resident engineering and inspection support services, including specifically AWS-CWI and NACE coatings inspection, for the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA). Under this On-Call Task Order Contract Keville has provided construction inspection oversight services on eight projects valued in excess of $127M for RITBA. These projects have included:

RITBA Project

Approx Value

Newport/Pell Bridge Steel Repairs and Protective Coatings for Suspended Spans for East Passage of Narragansett Bay, Contract 09-1A$42M
Newport/Pell Bridge East Approach Steel Repairs and Protective Coatings, Contract No.11 -1$39.2M
Newport/Pell Bridge Roadway Repairs On-Call Maintenance, Contract No. 12-1$4.2M
Newport/Pell Bridge Moveable Median Barrier Installation, Contract No. 14-12$6.8M
Newport/Pell Bridge Steel Repairs and Protective Coatings for West Approach of the East Passage Crossing of Narragansett Bay, Contract No. 15-08$19.9M
Mount Hope Bridge On-Call Maintenance, Contract No. 09-7$4.5M
Mount Hope Bridge North Approach Protective Coatings and Rehabilitation, Contract No. 10-11$7.5M
Mount Hope Bridge Main Cable Investigation, Contract No. 15-6$2.9M
  • Construction Inspection
  • NACE Coatings Inspection
  • AWS-CWI Steel Inspection
  • Review of Systems, Materials & Equipment
  • Estimating Field Changes
  • Maintenance of Daily Inspection Report
  • Recommendations for Corrective Action
  • Review and Approval of Progress Payment Requisitions
  • Attending Monthly Progress Meeting with the Owner and Engineer of Record