Cost Estimating

Keville Enterprises develops preliminary capital cost estimates based on conceptual design elements. These estimates are refined as the design develops. Final cost estimates are created based on final design documents and by developing the crews, equipment, and production rates that a construction contractor would reasonably use to execute the construction of the project.

This approach ensures the cost estimates contain the appropriate level of detail for all crews, equipment, and production rates which provide a built-in assurance that the project can be built at the estimated price. It also ensures the cost estimate can be used as the basis for developing an owner’s as-planned schedule, and allows the estimate to be used as a baseline for reasonable as-planned prices and as-planned production rates.

These estimates prove valuable should any claims or change orders arise during the course of the work.

The types of Estimates we have developed include the following:

  • Claims and change order estimates
  • Conceptual estimates
  • Estimate reviews
  • Feasibility study estimates
  • Independent check estimates
  • Life cycle cost estimates
  • Value engineering estimates