Fabrication Shop Inspections

Keville Enterprises, Inc. provides fabrication shop inspection and testing services for structural steel materials for a number of state DOT’s. Under these contracts, Keville routinely provides shop inspection of the fabrication of structural steel, including welded plate girders, rolled beams with welded cover plates, diaphragms, stiffeners, connection and splice plates, expansion and bearing devices, and protective coatings. Keville’s specialty inspection staff ensures compliance with AWS, NACE, ASNT, AASHTO and state requirements. We provide ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, and magnetic particle testing and inspection services, as well as NACE coatings inspections. Keville provides inspection and testing services for the following:

  • Mill testing
  • Cutting and straightening of material
  • Splices, joints & connections
  • Shop assemblies
  • Welding
  • Coatings/painting
  • Bearings
  • Butt welds
  • Fillet welds

In addition, Keville also provides field inspection services during the construction phases of its projects, helping to ensure the quality of the construction and conformance with the plans and specifications. Keville routinely provides construction phase specialty inspections such as:

  • Performing visual verification inspections for the welding and fit-up of the structural steel members
  • Reviewing in-process welding
  • Oversight and observation of UT Tech
  • Reviewing material test reports
  • Spot checking radiographs
  • Checking heat numbers
  • Observing weld prep being made for web splices
  • Observing the radiography of welder qualification test plates
  • Observing the fit up of splices