The following projects illustrate examples of Keville Enterprises’ experience in the Water/Wastewater market.

Potomac Water Filtration Plant Improvements Project

Client: Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)
Location: Potomac, Maryland
Services: Construction Management and Inspection
Completion Date: 2010

Keville Enterprises provided construction management and inspection services in connection with the $89M upgrade to the Potomac Water Filtration Plant in Potomac, MD.

Project elements included:

  • New ultraviolet disinfection facilities
  • New intermediate pumping station
  • Improved rapid mix and flow split facilities
  • Flocculation equipment upgrades
  • Hydraulic improvements
  • Electrical system enhancements

Keville served as the on-site representative for the WSSC and its CM-at-Risk contractor. Keville provided construction management, project controls and construction inspection services for the client.

Daily activities included: preparing daily progress reports; taking periodic construction progress photos and special field condition photos; verifying that all designated DBE subcontractors performed their portion of the work required by the contract; evaluating and processing proposed change orders; processing project submittals and providing weekly verification that the GC was maintaining a current set of as-built record drawings; reviewing the GC’s pay requisitions for accuracy and verifying that actual work had been completed; and ensuring that all daily reports, test results, and all additional reports, records, and documentation were maintained in a complete and orderly manner.

DC Water Low Impact Development Retrofit at DC Water Facilities Division N

Client: DC Water
Location: Washington, DC
Services: Cost Estimating Services
Completion Date: 2015

KEVILLE is providing cost estimating services in connection with the $3.6 million Low Impact Development Retrofit at DC Water Facilities (Contract Division N) which is part of the $2.6 billion Clean Rivers program Washington, D.C. The work under Division N – Low Impact Development Retrofit at DC Water Facilities Project is intended to address Consent Decree requirements for the incorporation of Low Impact Development Retrofit (LlDR) techniques into three existing DC Water facilities for demonstration purposes. The LlDR facilities are designed to reduce runoff volumes currently discharged to the collection system by storing, infiltrating, evaporating and detaining stormwater. The proposed facilities include the following major components:

  • Two (2) Bioretention Areas totaling approximately 1,300 square feet
  • Two (2) Green Roofs totaling approximately 48,000 square feet
  • Permeable Pavers totaling approximately 9,800 square feet.