The following projects illustrate examples of Keville Enterprises’ experience in the Highways/Bridges/Tunnels market.

FDOT SR111/SR15 Resurfacing Projects

Keville was selected by the Florida Dept. of Transportation to provide CEI services for SR111 (Edgewood Ave.) from US 1 (New Kings Rd.) to Moncrief Rd. (FIN 4376165201), and for SR15 (US1/New Kings Rd.) from SR104 to the Nassau County Line (FIN 43732115201). The primary scope items for these projects include: Variable Depth Milling and Resurfacing, Full Depth Roadway Widening, Driveway Removal and Reconstruction, Concrete Sidewalk Replacement, Detectable Warning/ADA Access Improvements, Pier Protection Barrier, Pedestrian Railing, Drainage Improvements, Signing and Pavement Marking, Signalization, Concrete Ditch Pavement, Performance Sod, Utility Coordination and Full Depth Roadway Re-Construction. This project also includes minor bridge rehab, which includes Expansion Joint cleaning and resealing utilizing Type 2 Joint as per FDOT Index 21110. All intersections will be provided with new vehicular loops, modified traffic controllers, pedestrian detectors and pedestrian signals and new aluminum poles for pedestrian signals.


Keville was selected for the second consecutive time to provide construction engineering and inspection services (CE&I) for CT DOT on a statewide basis. Under this 5-year $4.5M task-order contract, we provide resident engineering and inspection support services, including specifically NETTCP, AWS CWI and NACE inspections, for 16 projects valued in excess of $52.6M.
In general, our scope work scope of work on each of these projects includes the following tasks:

  • Construction Inspection
  • NACE Coatings Inspection
  • AWS-CWI Steel Inspection
  • Estimating Field Changes
  • Maintenance of Daily Inspection Report
  • Recommendations for Corrective Action
  • Preparation, Review and Approval of Progress Payment Requisitions
  • Leading/Attending Progress Meetings with the Owner, Contractor and Engineer of Record
  • Preparation of Meeting Minutes

RITBA On Call RE & Inspection

Since 2010, Keville Enterprises, Inc. (Keville) Keville has been providing resident engineering and inspection support services, including specifically AWS-CWI and NACE coatings inspection, for the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA). Under this On-Call Task Order Contract Keville has provided construction inspection oversight services on eight projects valued in excess of $127M for RITBA. These projects have included:

RITBA Project

Approx Value

Newport/Pell Bridge Steel Repairs and Protective Coatings for Suspended Spans for East Passage of Narragansett Bay, Contract 09-1A$42M
Newport/Pell Bridge East Approach Steel Repairs and Protective Coatings, Contract No.11 -1$39.2M
Newport/Pell Bridge Roadway Repairs On-Call Maintenance, Contract No. 12-1$4.2M
Newport/Pell Bridge Moveable Median Barrier Installation, Contract No. 14-12$6.8M
Newport/Pell Bridge Steel Repairs and Protective Coatings for West Approach of the East Passage Crossing of Narragansett Bay, Contract No. 15-08$19.9M
Mount Hope Bridge On-Call Maintenance, Contract No. 09-7$4.5M
Mount Hope Bridge North Approach Protective Coatings and Rehabilitation, Contract No. 10-11$7.5M
Mount Hope Bridge Main Cable Investigation, Contract No. 15-6$2.9M
  • Construction Inspection
  • NACE Coatings Inspection
  • AWS-CWI Steel Inspection
  • Review of Systems, Materials & Equipment
  • Estimating Field Changes
  • Maintenance of Daily Inspection Report
  • Recommendations for Corrective Action
  • Review and Approval of Progress Payment Requisitions
  • Attending Monthly Progress Meeting with the Owner and Engineer of Record

RI DOT Shop and Field Inspection

RI DOT Shop Inspection and Testing Services for Structural Steel Materials, Field Inspection

Keville Enterprises, Inc. (Keville) is providing shop inspection and testing services for structural steel materials for the Rhode Island Department of Transportation. Under this task order contract, Keville provides shop inspection of the fabrication of structural steel, including welded plate girders, rolled beams with welded cover plates, diaphragms, stiffeners, connection and splice plates, expansion and bearing devices, and protective coatings. Keville ensures compliance with AWS-CWI, NACE, ANST, AASHOTO and RI DOT requirements. Our services include the inspection and review of:

Mill Test Reports

-Cutting and Straightening of Material

-Splices, Joints & Connections

-Shop Assemblies



-Ultrasonic Testing of Butt Welds

-Radiographic Testing of Butt Welds

-Magnetic Particle Testing of Fillet Welds

In addition, Keville also provides field inspection services to RI DOT during the construction phases of its projects, helping to ensure the quality of the construction and conformance with the plans and specifications.

MHD Route 3 North Transportation Improvement Project

Client: Massachusetts Highway Department
Location: Burlington, Massachusetts
Services: Quality Control inspection and Testing, Scheduling and AutoCAD Support
Completion Date: 2006

Keville Enterprises, Inc. provided Construction Quality Control Inspection and Testing, as well as scheduling and AutoCad support, on the $385M Route 3 North Transportation Improvement Project. The construction and widening of Route 3 North was undertaken primarily to address chronic traffic congestion on the heavily traveled Route 3 North roadway. It involved the addition of a travel lane in each direction for a 21-mile long corridor, from and including its interchange with Route I-95/128 in Burlington to the New Hampshire border. This project also included the addition of median shoulders, replacement and widening of more than 40 bridges, improvements to 13 interchanges, and the installation of an ITS system. Keville Enterprises, Inc. provided its services as a direct subconsultant to the Design/Build team.

MassDOT Statewide Project Controls Services, District 4 and District 6

Client: Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Location: Arlington, Massachusetts | Boston, Massachusetts
Services: Project Controls, Cost Estimating, and Scheduling Support Services
Completion Date: 2018

In July 2014, Keville Enterprises Inc. (Keville) was selected by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) to provide statewide project controls, scheduling and cost estimating services in support of its Highway and Bridge capital construction projects. Under this $4M two-year (with a two-year renewal option) task-order contract, Keville provides full-time project controls support services staff to MassDOT for Projects within District 4 (Arlington, MA office, I-93 vicinity) and District 6 Boston office (Boston metropolitan vicinity).

In summary, our work includes: development and/or review of computer generated CPM construction schedules as well as the review of complex cost proposals for work on roadways, bridges, tunnels and other facilities under design or construction by MassDOT. Keville also assists in providing project controls and scheduling training to MassDOT staff.

Our specific project controls tasks include:

  • Review and Development of Construction Contract Time Determination (CCTD) Schedules
  • Review of Construction Schedule Submissions
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Development and/or Review and Analysis of Acceleration Schedules
  • Assignments as Directed by the Engineer
  • Project Controls Training
  • Reporting
  • Document Control
  • Meetings and Coordination

Keville’s Quality of work on this project is evident as can be seen from reviews by MassDOT:

“Keville has been providing critical assistance as part of MassDOT’s Project Controls initiative to create best practice Program/Project Controls…They have consistently demonstrated their high value to the Department, Highway Division and to me and have helped MassDOT greatly by maintaining a highly effective Program Controls & Reporting System for the Highway’s $3 Billion and 8 year ABP Program. Keville’s Program/Project Controls expertise and commitment to MassDOT have contributed to the great success of our current status and future statewide program initiative.”
-MassDOT Highway Deputy Administrator, Office of Project Controls & Performance Oversight.