Boston Public Facilities (Estimating)

Under a Task Order Contract, Keville Enterprises, Inc. (KEI) is providing cost estimating services in support of the design development and execution of the City of Boston’s Public Facilities Department’s Capital Construction Program. KEI provides independent cost estimating services to assist the City in its design and budgeting efforts. KEI also reviews design documents at various stages of development (i.e. 30%, 60%, 90%) and offer input and assessments on costs and opportunities for savings. Using KEI’s detailed approach to estimating, we typically identify the scope of work for each estimate down to the finest possible level of detail. We then perform a detailed take-off of plans and specifications to determine quantities, and develop a detailed work breakdown structure. From this point we determine the crews, equipment, and production rates that a reasonable contractor would use in performing the work, and develop an estimate which is fundamentally based on the way that a reasonable contractor would actually build the work. By using this approach to estimating, we can provide estimates that are not only accurate, but also contain a built-in confidence level that the work can actually be built for the estimated price.

Projects on which have provided services have included but are not limited to: Lee & McCormack Schools Window Replacement – $3.5M; Renovations & Addition to Burke High School – $16M; Fire Alarm Upgrades at seven schools – $8.3M; Flooring Replacement at South Boston High School – $360,000; Orchard Garden School Window Replacement – $1M.