Joe Heines – Leadership and Excellence Award Recipient

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority/Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority/Capitol Rail Constructors – 2016

Congratulations to Joe Heines for being recognized by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and Capitol Rail Constructors (the JV responsible for the design/build contract to complete Phase II of the Silver Line).

This award is granted to an individual that has demonstrated leadership and cooperation during the implementation phase of the Dulles Rail Phase II (Silver Line) program. Joe has been working on the program since 2008 and was Keville’s first employee on that project. Since that time he has been Keville’s lead person on the project and serves as the conduit for Keville information to the project team. He is highly respected by his Keville co-workers and his Jacobs Supervisor John Kearney.

His certificate states that:
“Joe has been a steady source of positive direction for the project for many years. His leadership has provided contractors and managers with safe and reasonable guidelines that have paid dividends in the quantity and quality of their work. The project also benefits from the knowledge Joe gained from working directly with WMATA for several years. He understands their requirements and expectations and integrates that knowledge into his job. Joe is very determined to keep everyone safe and in line to produce the best product every day they come to work.”
“Joe is a team player who always has the best interest of the overall project in mind and works with all parties to navigate successful outcomes. He is a great asset to our team.”

I believe that it is important that Keville Enterprises Inc. recognizes the achievements of one of its finest employees and his contribution to the success of this program and the growth, development and pioneering professional dedication that Joe Heines has demonstrated to his staff, contractors, our client and the owners and operators of the Silver Line.

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