FDOT SR111/SR15 Resurfacing Projects

Keville was selected by the Florida Dept. of Transportation to provide CEI services for SR111 (Edgewood Ave.) from US 1 (New Kings Rd.) to Moncrief Rd. (FIN 4376165201), and for SR15 (US1/New Kings Rd.) from SR104 to the Nassau County Line (FIN 43732115201). The primary scope items for these projects include: Variable Depth Milling and Resurfacing, Full Depth Roadway Widening, Driveway Removal and Reconstruction, Concrete Sidewalk Replacement, Detectable Warning/ADA Access Improvements, Pier Protection Barrier, Pedestrian Railing, Drainage Improvements, Signing and Pavement Marking, Signalization, Concrete Ditch Pavement, Performance Sod, Utility Coordination and Full Depth Roadway Re-Construction. This project also includes minor bridge rehab, which includes Expansion Joint cleaning and resealing utilizing Type 2 Joint as per FDOT Index 21110. All intersections will be provided with new vehicular loops, modified traffic controllers, pedestrian detectors and pedestrian signals and new aluminum poles for pedestrian signals.