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SeaPort-e Quality Assurance Program

Our Quality Assurance Program ensures a high standard of work is delivered to our clients. Keville has a Quality Control/Assurance Manager at the corporate level. Individual QA/QC Managers are strategically placed to oversee clients and contracts to ensure our high standards are met and exceeded. In the event a particular individual’s work product is not at the needed level, we will work with that person to identify a solution or plan to correct the problem. This person would be monitored closely to ensure their efforts are at the required level. In the event that their work continues to fall below the required standard, a suitable replacement will be found without hesitation.

As a large segment of our business revolves around Quality Assurance Inspection services, we’ll briefly describe our approach to QA construction oversight. Our QA Inspection services are not a passive exercise limited to merely observing and documenting daily construction activities. Our Inspectors perform their inspections based on a pro-active, structured, systematic three-phase inspection program, which includes Preparatory Inspections, Initial Inspections, and Follow-up Inspections. In addition, daily progress reports are always generated and maintained. Preparatory Inspections are performed prior to the beginning of each work element. During the Preparatory Inspection phase, inspectors: review all pertinent specifications, submittals, and testing requirements with the Contractor’s superintendent and foremen, ensuring that all requisite submittals, materials and test plans are approved and understood clearly by the Contractor’s workforce. Initial Inspections are performed as work starts on each work element. At this point, the inspectors: observe and document initial work activities on each work element, ensuring that all work crews are familiar with the contract requirements and that all work is being performed in accordance with the contract requirements. Follow-up Inspections are the routine inspections that are performed on a daily basis during the course of work on each work element. Our inspectors: observe and document all work activities and all tests that are performed during the course of the work; ensure that all work is being performed in accordance with the contract documents; and monitor and document the quality of the contractors’ work, immediately notifying our PM and the client of any quality concerns.

Our staff recognizes the complexity and workload associated with the daily duties and responsibilities that our clients must perform in their normal job functions. We understand the need and value in fostering the required level of teamwork, cooperation, and coordination among the diverse members of the project delivery team, including client staff, designers, other consultants, and the construction contractors. We will always work toward generating and maintaining a team atmosphere. And our Quality Assurance Program will ensure our team will deliver a high quality product.

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