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Pre-Construction Services
Value Engineering

Keville Enterprises Inc. performs Value Engineering Services for clients in a number of markets including: rail, aviation, roadway and bridge projects. Our value engineers use detailed, systematic procedures to seek out optimum value for both the initial and long-term investments of a construction project. The goal is to eliminate or modify features that add cost to a facility but do not add to its quality, useful life, utility or appearance. Using a non-adversarial, problem-solving approach, value engineers and value engineering teams look at trade-offs between design concepts, construction techniques, materials, building types and up-front versus life cycle costs to arrive at the best overall project value.

How Can Keville Enterprises Value Engineering Benefit Your Projects?

• partnering of stakeholders
• improved value
• identifying hidden costs
• project validation
• schedule reduction
• cost reduction

Constructability Reviews

Keville Enterprises performs Constructability Reviews to analyze and assess the feasibility of construction. All potential issues that are identified in these reviews are monitored throughout the design process to ensure they are properly addressed.

Our Constructability reviews take into account all of the following:

• physical limitations of the work site
• laydown and storage area requirements
• availability of job site utilities
• interfaces with the public domain
• other construction contracts
• hours of operation restrictions
• seasonal influences
• productivity rate factors
• construction equipment/component limitations
• operational requirements
• utility companies coordination
• labor/materials availability
• lead times of materials
• site safety and security
• public safety
• traffic impacts
• aesthetic/safety impacts of buffers and barriers
• noise mitigation
• job site cleanliness and maintenance
• construction costs and schedule
• pay item structures and quantities
• quality control and assurance
• testing requirements
• sole source or proprietary items

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