Nantucket Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Client: Nantucket Department of Public Works
Location: Nantucket, MA
Services: Resident Engineering and Inspection Services
Completion Date: 2008

Project Details:
The Town of Nantucket undertook a comprehensive $30M upgrade to its existing Surfside Wastewater Treatment Facility. The existing plant was upgraded from 2.24-mgd to 3.5-mgd, with peak flow capacity of 7.7 mgd, utilizing advanced treatment membrane bio-reactors with separate anoxic and pre-aeration basins and ultraviolet disinfection. The project included rehabilitation of the administration building, modifications to the headworks and primary treatment facilities, rehabilitation of the aerated sludge and septage holding tanks, enclosure of the equipment storage shelter, upgrades to sludge processing, including replacement of the belt filter press to centrifuges, new sludge pumping systems and chemical feed systems, new laboratory facilities, enclosed septage receiving area, and enclosed liquid sludge transfer area. Odor control included providing covers over the existing and new liquid and solids processing areas and treatment using a packed bed scrubber. Special project characteristics included rehabilitation of 10 groundwater disposal beds, construction of five new groundwater disposal beds, and capacity in the future to provide higher nitrogen removal.

Keville Enterprises was part of the Earth Tech construction management oversight team and provided resident engineering and construction inspection services.