Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Claims Analysis Services

Client: Dallas/Fort Worth Airport
Location: Dallas, TX
Services: Claims Analysis
Completion Date: Ongoing

Project Details:
The DFW Airport Authority has undertaken a $2.6B capital expansion program. Keville is serving as part of the claims consultant team for this program, representing the Authority. In this role, Keville is responsible for analyzing multi-million dollar claims, including a $17M extended general conditions/disruption/impact claim involving mechanical and electrical work in the Central Utility Plant. The work involved the removal and replacement of all the boilers, chiller, motor control centers and assorted equipment including computerized instrumentation and controls, in two phases while maintaining full operation and service to the airport. The time extension claimed by the various subcontractors amounts to approximately 13 months delay plus impacts.

Another claim is related to a $20M contract for storm drain improvements involving construction of a 1.75 mile tunnel for a drain system beneath the airport. The drain line increased from 8-feet in diameter to 11-feet in diameter and was constructed of reinforced concrete pipe, which was installed approximately 45 to 50 feet below grade. With only about 947 feet of tunneling remaining to the outfall, the contractor encountered hard rock, forcing a change from a soft to a hard cutter head for the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM). The cost of the hard cutter head was approximately $500K, but the contractor also claimed the ensuing two and a half months as delay and an additional cost of $1.5M as a result of encountering a differing site condition.