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Claims Analysis

Keville Enterprises has analyzed nearly $2B in claims and changes for a variety of public owner clients including the MBTA, Central Artery/Tunnel Project, the Southern New Jersey Light Rail Transit System, the Tren Urbano Project, The Massachusetts Port Authority, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, Northeast Utilities and Central Maine Power. Keville’s extensive experience in construction management, construction inspection and other construction support services provides the added advantage of having in-depth experience and expertise in the constructability, scheduling, quality control, and cost aspects of public construction projects.

Keville’s professionals have provided a vast array of services including claims analysis on many public construction projects. This experience provides unique and comprehensive insight when analyzing claims and change orders because our construction management and inspection expertise informs and enhances our claims analysis. We understand construction, and we understand the claims that emanate from construction. Moreover, Keville’s vast pool of construction managers, inspectors, schedule analysts, cost estimators, licensed electrical inspectors, and specialty inspectors provide our claims analysts with a readily accessible knowledge base and specialized expertise that can be utilized when analyzing claims and change orders.

Keville’s people are well trained and experienced in interpreting contract documents, remain objective during analysis and always strive to reach fair and equitable settlements during negotiations. Keville’s Claims and Change Order Analysts are astute at understanding and analyzing the detail of individual claims and change orders, while constantly keeping the “big picture” of construction contracts in focus.

Our analysts are experienced in the following types of claims:

• accelerations • delays
• design changes • differing site conditions
• extended overhead • lost productivity

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