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Keville’s Involvement in Academia

Keville Enterprises recognizes that colleges and universities are developing the next generation of industry leaders. Accordingly, Keville has strong connections with colleges and universities with construction management programs. Keville's involvement in academia stems from the commitment of its management and its rich culture, which evolved from the expertise of its employees and their strong academic backgrounds. From its CEO to its field personnel, Keville employees have been involved in academia via teaching, mentoring, and conducting academic research projects. Keville's involvement in academia includes the following initiatives.


In honor of her father, Francis Keville, Christine Keville has awarded scholarships to Marshfield High School students for the past 22 years. For the past 8 years, the Francis Keville Memorial Trust Fund has funded annual national scholarships which are awarded by the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) to minority or woman college students studying construction management. The Francis Keville Trust Fund's golf tournament has awarded annual scholarships to deserving construction management students over the past 20 years to Northeastern University and Wentworth Institute of Technology. The Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section (BSCES) Francis Keville scholarship has been awarded to Construction Management students from Northeastern University for the past 22 years. 

Co-Ops, Internships, and Mentoring Programs

Keville Enterprises has provided opportunities to construction management and civil engineering students to explore the construction industry and gain experience by joining Keville as Co-Ops, interns, or protegees. Keville routinely employs Co-Op students to support its construction management and program management efforts. Several Keville employees have served as volunteer mentors to college students in construction management programs, and a number of Wentworth Institute of Technology students have benefited from their experience and expertise.

Teaching, Research, and Presentations

Keville employees have taught graduate courses in the construction management program at Northeastern University. They have also participated in national research projects, co-authored guidebooks and academic journal papers.

Academic Board Memberships

The following are some of the academic boards that Keville is involved in:

• Northeastern University - Industrial Advisory Board, Civil & Environmental Engineering -   Christine Keville
• Wentworth Institute of Technology - Board of Trustees - Christine Keville
• Wentworth Institute of Technology - Corporator - Christine Keville
• Wentworth Institute of Technology - CM Masters Industry Advisory Board  (IAB) - D.J. Mason
• Wentworth Institute of Technology - CM Masters Industry Advisory Board  (IAB) - Matt Poirier
• Wentworth Institute of Technology - CM Undergraduate Industry Advisory Board  (IAB) - Leslie Becker
• Wentworth Institute of Technology - CM Undergraduate Industry Advisory Board  (IAB) - Kevin Curley

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